Choose hardwood flooring for an unrivaled lifespan and more

One of the most notable attributes of hardwood flooring is its extensive lifespan. With a professional installation, these floors can last more than 20 years. And the benefits in the product line are sure to serve you well the whole time.

Even if you feel like the process is somewhat daunting, these floors are worth a moment of your time. First, finding out more about their characteristics is a great way to choose the best flooring. Then, when it's time to buy, you'll know everything you need for results you can live with.

Take time for a durable flooring choice

With solid and engineered wood flooring, you'll get impressive durability that works. These floors resist wear and much more for surfaces that last longer than ever. Engineered materials even stand up to dampness, humidity, spills, and accidents.

Excellent durability starts with a species choice that caters to your lifestyle—the busier the space, the more complex the species you should choose for the best results. But you can also add sealant and finish types for more protection.

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Visual appeal is important too

A great appearance is almost as crucial as a durable surface, and wood floors cater to the need. The species is a great place to start, and you'll find the benefits layer on after that. Next, choose a stain color and a finish that go the extra mile, but that's still not all you have available.

Board width, length, and installation layout can change everything about your hardwood flooring. Consider herringbone installations or variable width options that offer exciting looks. You'll be walking on your dream floors in no time when you choose this product line.

Acclimation is important too

Before installing your new wood floors, the acclimation service is necessary. The process usually lasts about three to five days. And once it's complete, you can continue with the installation as usual.
Hardwood flooring in Dalton, GA from N Style Floors Inc

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